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nod32 id validation tool


Function: You can use this program to verify the effectiveness of the nod32 id.

Using Help:

1、Use the mouse to select id ,copy it to clipboard.
2、Paste the latest escalation nod32 id to the left text box of the NOD32 ID Validation Tool V2.2 .
3、Click [start] botton to begin the verfication.The right textbox is valid nod32 id.
4、Click here to see How to use NOD32 ID Validation Tool ?

1、This program can verify the nod32 id all over the world.
2、When the program is process,may not be able to stop,minimize,mobile programming interfaces,network bad situation may die,the shutdown and restart it.

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NOD32 IDs Update Time:August 28,2009 23:20:38 [U.S. time]
ThreatSense Update:v.4378 (20090828)

UserName: EAV-20590605
PassWord: 6bcdt4ukmk
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-20457066
PassWord: 5bnfnkrd6c
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-20590630
PassWord: rs4r7vnfpm
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-20457065
PassWord: aturtjeutx
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*

UserName: EAV-20590581
PassWord: 873ces452e
Version: ESS, EAV, 2.*